I have been teaching music theory and guitar since 1991. Every day that I teach I feel grateful and honoured that somebody trusts me to share my knowledge and experience with them. The question is how do you find the right music teacher for you. The following tips will definitely help if you are looking.. read more →

What were your favourite songs that were released in 2014? So many great songs were released this year but I really loved the following list of songs. I never got bored to listening to them on the radio, playing them at gigs or teaching my students how to play these songs. Interestingly but not surprisingly.. read more →

I’ve been lucky enough to see The Rolling Stones in concert on their Voodoo Lounge (1995) and A Bigger Bang (2006) tours (see review) of Australia. On November 5th of this year I saw The Rolling Stones in concert again and as expected it was a fantastic concert. read more →