Music Production

sy-music-productionMusic Composition

Steve is a songwriter and composer who writes in a variety of styles of music ranging from classical, pop, funk, blues, rock and ballads. Steve has worked on many song-writing projects with emerging artists. Steve has also arranged and produced music for many clients including some who have won singing competitions with his musical arrangements and production.

Steve welcomes the opportunity to work with established and emerging recording artists.

Song Submissions

If you are an emerging or established recording artist, producer, artist manager, A&R representative, music supervisor for film & television, music publisher and you’re looking for songs or a song-writer, we welcome the opportunity to submit our music. We have hundreds of songs, so tell us what type of music you would like to hear and we will accommodate.

Jingle Writing

Steve has also written music for a diverse range of organizations. For instance, the music Steve has written has been used for company presentations as well as phone systems. If you would like music for your organization, contact Steve to discuss your requirements.

Steve is a member of the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA)

Steve Yanko, song-writer.
Steve Yanko, song-writer.