I’m pleased to announce that one of my music students, Rachel Costanzo, will have her single ‘Blindside’ played on Fox FM tomorrow morning sometime between 6.30am – 7.00am. If you are awake, have a listen to Rachel’s song. If you like the song, feel free to contact Fox FM and ask them to play the.. read more →

Ever since I first heard ‘Love In An Elevator’ in 1989 I’ve been a big fan of the band Aerosmith. Last night I went to my first Aerosmith concert and my appreciation for the band’s music only grew. read more →

I watched the Logie Awards last night and I thought it was good. However, can somebody please explain why there wasn’t any musical performances by any Australian artists? I have no issues with the performances of artists such as Bruno Mars and Michael Buble who performed on the night but surely on a night where.. read more →