As a regular concert goer and having worked in the music business, I’ve never really complained about the prices of concert tickets because I appreciate the effort and the costs of what goes on behind the scenes to put a concert tour together. read more →

In light of the fact that The Rolling Stones celebrated their 50 year anniversary this year I decided to read Keith Richards’ autobiography called Life and I have to say it is a fantastic book. read more →

Today is the 15th anniversary of the death of one Australia’s greatest front men, Michael Hutchence. read more →

Last night I went and saw Elton John in concert and again I was NOT disappointed. Now Elton John was here last year but I’m not complaining. One night a year listening to Elton performing his greatest hits is a fantastic way to spend an evening. read more →

Recently one of my students asked me if I, as a song writer, preferred to write songs for female vocalists or male vocalists. My answer was simple ”both”. I explained to my student that a good song will always be a good song regardless of which gender is performing it. However, it got me thinking.. read more →