Madonna has been an icon in the music industry and pop culture for over 30 years. Last night I attended her concert in Melbourne as part of her Rebel Heart Tour and I have to say it was a great show. read more →

Long before record companies signed people who appeared on TV talent shows, Warner Brother Records signed a 19 year old musician, singer-songwriter from Minneapolis called Prince Rogers Nelson. Nearly 40 years later Prince, a global superstar, embarks on his 1st tour where he just performs with a piano and a microphone and it all begins.. read more →

2015 was another great year for pop music but I found that a lot of the songs this year had a very similar sound and stuck to a very similar formula. As a result, I found myself changing songs very often when listening to the radio in my car or just listening to radio stations.. read more →

If you’re tired of listening to the standardised pop music that you continually hear on the radio today then you might be interested to know that Rick Price has released a brilliant new album called “Tennessee Sky” that is fresh and uplifting. read more →

The passing of the blues legend B.B. King on May 14th 2015 ends an important chapter in 20th century popular music and his loss will have a profound effect on millions of people around the world who loved him and his music. read more →